What next?

Since the day after my Channel swim I have been asked by countless people…what next? At that point there was nothing, I was happy to have crossed the Channel successfully and was looking forward to not having to get up early at the weekends and to spend some time with Tom and my friends & family.

I have only done one training session since my Channel swim and have enjoyed doing other things such as spinning and pilates at the gym as well as a holiday to Tobago.  But that is soon to change, now I am able to share my answer to the question.. what next?

Next year I have two swims booked, both with Kerry my Channel training buddy.

First one will be in April when we will attempt to swim across the Straits of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco.  We will be able to swim this side by side and will of course be doing it without a wetsuit.  The water will be around 16-17 when we swim so similar to that of the English Channel but it won’t be as far.  Many of the challenges from the EC will be valid here as well as strong currents.

Strait of Gibraltar

Strait of Gibraltar

We have also booked to swim around the Isle of Scilly’s in September.  We will swim and walk our way across the Isles – 6 swims and 6 walks (15km of swimming and 10km of walking) over the day.

Scilly swim challenge

Scilly swim challenge

So there you have it, the answer to your long awaited question.  Wish us luck…

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40 year old woman living in London generally found in water.
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