Whilst we wait…

So what we are doing whilst we wait?

Last night Parviz, Brian and I (as well as other friends Amanda, Katie, Kate and Montserrat) headed off to Henley to swim in the Henley Swim – Club to Pub swim.  A lovely swim 400m up stream with the rest coming down the river with the flow of the current.  A nice way to stretch the muscles out on a Saturday evening.  The post swim goodies included a bottle opener and beer personalised for the event which was a great idea. My beer is still unopened till the swim is over.  Brian also was kind enough to buy me some gluten free cupcakes which was lovely to have as a post swim treat.

I also have a massive list of things to do as I am so disorganised this year.
My list includes;
Pack my bag – I know! I should have done it days ago
Get to the supermarket to buy some food for the journey
Hope my clear goggles arrive in time that I have ordered online (not happy with my current ones and last year I ended up swimming in the dark with my dark goggles)
Get plenty of sleep
Eat lots of food!

Don’t worry I will be ready to go when we get the call.


About lisaswims

Late 30's female living in London generally found in water.
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One Response to Whilst we wait…

  1. parvaneh Holloway (habibi) says:

    Hope you don’t have to wait too long. Good luck for better weather.

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