My day trip to France

As I start to embark on another English Channel challenge I realised in all the excitement and exhaustion that I never actually got around to updating my blog on how it actually went and that we actually completed the challenge successfully.

As I look back now almost 8 months later I remember it with fond memories – it is funny when time has past how you forget the tougher bits…. The stress of getting 12 hours notice of our swim, not sleeping the night before from the apprehension of not knowing what was going to happen the following day (and if we were actually going to get to swim – the weather was not being predictable), being nervous of my first leg (I was second swimmer), getting sea sick after drinking a protein shake straight after my first swim, feeling sorry for my team flamingo’s as many of them suffered from seasickness throughout the whole swim (both in and out the water), and lastly having to swim into France in the pitch black worrying about what might lurk below!

Despite all of that it was a great experience and made better by my fantastic team.  Thank you to everyone that sponsored me and my team in total re raised around £14’000 for Aspire so it was all worth it.

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40 year old woman living in London generally found in water.
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