All Packed & Nowhere to Go!

Bag packed  full of warm clothes and food :)

Bag packed full of warm clothes and food 🙂

What a 24 hour whirlwind it has been!!! 

Tuesday night I got a call saying that we may be going on Thursday and since then we have been going and not going about 4 times.  The reason for this is mainly to do with the wind speeds picking up and making it unsafe for us to cross and of course we want to have the best chance of crossing successfully and more importantly safely.

At about 3pm yesterday we weren’t going, then a text at 7pm said we would get a call at midnight to say yay or nay and we would then have to get down to Dover the next morning… so bag was packed with lots of food (I even ordered GF pizza ready to take onboard with me) and ready for the off.  When we did eventually get the call – way gone midnight unfortuately it was a no, so the wait continues.  It is funny how emotionally draining an experience it is as you get nervous and then on a come down each time.  As many of my friends have said the experience is likened to that of someone waiting to go into labour – lots of false starts!

So we are still waiting and will probably do so now for a week or two.  The weather is bad until tuesday and then our priority slot is over so we drop down the priority list and have to wait till it is our turn again.  But it is all part and parcel of the Channel Swimming experience and doing any challenge outdoors, the elements won’t stop just because you want to do something.  Some teams/swimmers never experience this and they are off on their swim on the first day of their priority week… and us… well we are getting the full experience and our money’s worth 🙂 

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