2015 – What will it bring?

So it is 2015 and as I thought about what resolutions I might make I decided that perhaps given the year that lays ahead I should just focus on that instead of trying to give something up.

Over the last 3 months it has been a bit of an anti climax after my team and I successfully completed our two way relay across the English Channel.  A viral infection I had in September seemed to have found its way into my lower back and caused me to have muscle problems around the sacroiliac joint and meant that I haven’t swam for this period of time.  Just before Christmas the physio allowed me to do ‘small swims’ although he quickly clarified that he didn’t mean 2-3km but more 500m.

Since then I have done a few swims and although the thought of only doing 500m-1,000m is not very motivating it has been great to be able to get back in the water after so long, especially given what the year has ahead for me.

So what has 2015 got in store for me?  I have committed to three big swims in the coming summer (instead of New Years resolutions);

  1. Monday 6th July – Two way Windermere solo (this is a 21 mile swim from one end of Windermere to the other and back again)
  2. Sunday 26th July – Two person relay across Lake Zurich with my friend Paul (26km swim – an hour in and an hour out rotating until we land in Zurich)
  3. 5-11th September – English Channel solo (21 miles from Dover to Cap Gris Nez)

So currently I have a long way to go from swimming 1km to swimming 21 miles but there is plenty of time for training but what a year I have ahead!



About lisaswims

40 year old woman living in London generally found in water.
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