Mystical Swimming

So we have started, it’s very misty out here and the fog horn keeps going off every few minutes as there are boats close by we can’t see.

My first swim was against the tide but made some good ground. Paul has about 5 minutes left and then Rob our last minute swimmer is just about to jump in.

Two weeks ago he swam his solo channel swim to France 12hrs 57 minutes. He received an email from me this week when we realised we might be going on Friday and our reserve swimmer Brian wasn’t available and agreed to help us out by swimming for us. He wasn’t expecting to be in the channel again so soon 🙂


About lisaswims

40 year old woman living in London generally found in water.
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1 Response to Mystical Swimming

  1. June S-B says:

    Pleased you’ve started well. Keep going… France is waiting!

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