It is a waiting game

As I write this blog I receive an email to say that we won’t be going tomorrow.  With the end of Bertha heading our way the weekend is a no go for us.  Because we are doing a two way we need a much longer weather window than those doing a one way crossing so we may still see some swimmers head out tomorrow but we will be sitting tight!

Although the waiting is hard as it is very hard to prepare mentally and physically for I am pretty pleased.  I haven’t had time to pack my bag, eat enough, sleep enough and get my food supplies from the supermarket so there is a bit of relief that I have more time to do this now.

Will keep you all up to date as and when we hear more news.  In the meantime Brian, Parviz and I are going to do a 1.5km swim on Saturday night in the Thames up in Henley to keep our bodies moving.

About lisaswims

40 year old woman living in London generally found in water.
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