Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Paul and I sporting our team colours

At the beginning of the month we were back down in Dover showing off our bright pink swimming attire, even Paul managed to find some beautiful pink trunks to scare the jellyfish off with.

The weather this time was a huge contrast to that of June – the sun was shining and the water a few degrees warmer, although it still felt cold getting in. 

Two days of swimming 1.5hrs x 2 was all good preperation as well, to my delight, being able to get a bit of sunbathing done 🙂

Whilst in Dover I got talking to a guy who had been a boat leader on a relay that had been out a few days before and the main  2 problems seemed to be the change of currents a mile away from France – this is where most solo and relay channel swims fail, which can only be devastating after swimming 20 of 21 miles (an amazing achievement in itself though) and also swarms of Jellyfish which seem to be quite vast this year, one of the team that was swimming in that particular relay got stung 17 times.  I am hoping my purchase of the below works even if it is just pschologically!

Keeps the jellies at bay

Keeps the jellies at bay

As we left the beach as a team on the Sunday we knew that the next time we would all see each other would be D Day.

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