£1000 and a Boxing day swim

120 brave the chilly waters for the annual West Bay Boxing Day swim

120 brave the chilly waters for the annual West Bay Boxing Day swim

As part of my fundraising I decided to encourage people to donate money to my fundraising page for Aspire with the extra incentive that if I reached £1000 before Christmas (my target is £2000) then I would throw myself into the very cold waters of West Bay in Dorset during their annual Boxing Day Swim.Thanks to all those who donated and helped to get to the £1000 mark – although I must admit as I plunged into the 8 degrees water in West Bay on Boxing Day there were mutters as I cursed you all briefly.

It was really rather cold but it did make me chuckle as I looked up around with the other 120 crazy people about to throw ourselves into the ice water the amount of people who had come out to support – you would have thought it was the Olympics – no joke! So many people there to watch us jump in and squeal like Banshee’s… at least I have proof that I did it 🙂

Right now for the next £1000 on my fundraising quest

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40 year old woman living in London generally found in water.
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